Hello! Skillathon learning prepares you
for future ready global career
via remote and regular opportunities.
Skillathon Learning Vision

We have a customized curriculum for every skill level.

Expert Mentorship

1:1 expert mentorship with live doubt clearing session from industry experts

Real world Projects

Real world projects and assignments to actually implement concepts

Pay After Placement

Fees 15% for 18 months will charged only after successful placement

Hiring suite

Developed for learners to get access for placement around the globe

Skillathon Mission

Pay After Placement Only

Pay after placement allows the learner to focus on learning rather than their financials incurred in the course fee. Fees is only paid after successful placement , therefore it’s a win-win scenario for all parties.

You will only be charged if you are hired through our job platform and if you are offered a package of more than 3LPA or 30% hike


Join The Program

Join our expert designed curriculum helps learner to be confident & comfortable


Solve Challenges

Solve challenges posted by companies on our hiring suite


Get Placement

Get Access to Hiring suite used by more than 250 companies

Career Accelerator Program

Our Career Accelerator program is designed for professionals to give extra push to unlock their full potential and be ready for global career

Learn in Live Gamified Classroom
Personal Mentoring and Live Doubt Session
Develop Real World Projects

Data Science

Our curriculum will prepare you for toughest problems in Data Science

Full Stack

Learn to program, create high quality code and develop best software

Artificial Intelligence

Our curriculum will prepare you for toughest problems in Data Science and Machine learning

App Development

Build Sophisticated code for future. First CAP for App development

Frequently asked questions

Who can apply for Skillathon learning?

  • Any applicant with a valid degree
  • Having work experience would be an added advantage

What Package can I Expect?

  • Package depends upon your portfolio – such as UG/PG degree, previous Work Experience, Technical Skill Level and LAT score
  • We cannot promise job guarantee or a specific salary package, it is entirely dependent on your Technical Expertise and your Portfolio Strength

is there any upfront fees or registration fees ?

  • Registration Fees of INR 7500/-
  • Registration Fee is refundable after you get placed
  • This registration fee helps us ensure that only serious learners enroll on the limited slots available 

What if I don’t get a placement?

  • If you put the necessary effort, it is very rare that you won’t be able to secure some kind of job.
  • If you don’t get placed, you don’t have to pay us anything

what is ISA

  • Once you have a job at a salary you deserve, you will pay for skillathon learning the agreement is Income Share Agreement.
  • You Pay 15% of your CTC for 18 months. The ISA model helps us to give superior training and access to the greatest earning opportunities without upfront fees.When you win, we win.

Will the ISA be shared before Registration?

  • ISA Agreement will not be shared before registration.
  • Only after registration, we will share it with the learner.


Can i switch jobs in jobs or end ISA before 18 months ?

  • It is entirely up to you and the firm whether or not you continue with them. Please feel free to stay if you enjoy it. You are free to go if you don’t like it
  •  If you would like to end your contract early, you can pay the amount equivalent to the payment cap on the contract minus any payments already made.

What If I cannot attend some sessions?

  • Each session is recorded and put on the Learning Management System.
  • If you have any questions, you can connect with mentor

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